Simple Ways To Make Your Car Rain Proof

Well, as long as there are tropical storms rumbling about out there in the Gulf, we thought we’d broach the topic of “rain”. Great for the plants, bad for traffic and potentially your vehicle. So let’s talk about it.

1. Worn Out Tires Can Cause Accidents

Ever wondered why car or bike tires lose traction during monsoons? It’s a simple matter of tread. Play it safe and make sure the treads of your car are deep enough – 3mm to 4mm. The tread of a tire is rubber on it’s circumference that make contact with the road. If the tread isn’t deep enough it forms a thin film of water under the tire which might cause you to hydroplane.

2. Protect The Paint

The constant wet and dry can affect your paint and might make it peel. Get a wax coating done – it protects the paint from heavy showers and even extreme sunlight. A body cover will also protect your paint.

3. Keep The Windshield Clean

Make sure your wipers are working find and ready for heavy showers. Clean your wipers with a dry cloth to prevent dust settling on them. Never start your wipers on a dirty or stained windshield – the dust particles that have accumulated can cause scratches. Clean your windshield before you start driving.

4. Get The Headlights Checked

If any of your exterior lights are damaged, get it fixed as soon as possible – it would be easy for rain water to enter the internal systems of your car and cause damage. Heavy rains can hamper your vision as well when your car is running at high speeds. You can use fog lamps as they improve the quality of the visibility of the roads and can reduce the chances of road mishaps.

5. Maintain the Look of Your Car

Constant contact with water can cause the metal parts of your car to rust. Make sure to wax and polish (or fix) these scratches . Apply anti-rust lubricant first, it not only removes rust but lubricates, dehumidifies, and cleans to prevent corrosion.

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