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Don’t Forget Your Vehicle While Spring Cleaning

It’s easy to allow your car’s features fall by the wayside when you’re busy, or perhaps the weather’s really has been that way. Never fear, we’ve got 5 – that’s right, just 5 – steps for you to get started putting the shine back in your vehicle. Keep in mind, shine is great, but keeping your car well kept is also key to maintaining value. Let’s get started then.

1. Take A Deep Breath…

And a little compressed air. Yep, we’re absolutely starting with air; and a stiff bristled brush. Use an air compressor if possible, if not, just use a can. There are so many things that get trapped in car carpet – dirt, allergens, the crumbs from your last fast-food stop. Getting those things out can help with the overall feel of the carpet, the smell in your car, and the amount of stains that build up over time as your feed grind in whatever’s trapped in there. Take your compressed air, and start in the corners, and nooks of your car’s floor, and blow them onto the middle of the carpet, where you can easily vacuum them up. The stiff bristle brushes can also help loosen dirty from the carpet and upholstery. Bonus Tip: If you’ve got leather seats, use a conditioner with aloe to breathe new life into them.

2. Clean Up That Grit

More compressed air, no surprise I suppose. Use a small, portable compressor to easily blow dust and dirt out of the heating and air-conditioning ductwork. The key is to aim the pressurized air at the walls of the ducts just behind the vents’ grilles – most grime  like to settle here and can cause musty smells. If your car has a cabin air filter, you can change it, or simply blow the dust and dirt out of it.

3. Keep Clear of Acid

Many professionals use special mixes of acid solutions to clean dirty tires and strip wear off new tires. Weekend DIYers should use nonacid product – acid based cleaners can cause oxidation and pit bare alloy wheels. They can also damage painted wheels – either colored paint or clear coatings. If necessary, use a degreaser on your wheels but avoid detergents – they can damage paint if splashed.  Remember to co in order; wheels and tires first, then clean and protect your car’s paint.

4. Hand Wash Only

Hand washing can open up a new appreciation for your car as well as insure a detailed car that most car washes don’t offer. Avoid using dish washing detergents, while it cleans,  it also strips away wax and exposes your car to possible nicks, and scratches. Using car wash solution is paramount. Make sure to dry it afterwards with a rubber-blade squeegee – water can leave minerals and dirt on the surface of your car as it dries.

5. Bright & Shiny = Good

Sometimes it takes a little extra TLC to get your paint clean. Droppings from wildlife and other pollutants can settle on the paint and, after a while, can break through wax and clear coatings into the paint below. With your car out of the sun, run your dry hand over the surface of the paint – if it’s rough, you’ve got more cleaning to do. Paint cleaners remove wax and clean the top layer of paint by removing unwanted chemicals that have bound to the paint. Use a small block of paint-cleaning clay lubricated with liquid cleaner wax, and you’re good to go. (Do not use the clay if it has been dropped.)

If any of this seems a little overwhelming, or if you’d rather not pull your car’s air filter out yourself and change it, we are more than happy to help down at Mr. Tire!

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