Rice Farming Update

2017 Rice Harvest in Full Swing

Are you ready? January 1, 2018 is five months away! The 2017 rice harvest is in full swing at the coop.  As of yesterday, July 30th, we have received approximately 30% of the first crop.  Yields have been all over the board.  The best have been from Presidio; 52.33 bbl. or 85.1 cwt. per acre, Mermentau; 52.1 bbl. or 84.4 cwt. per acre, and CL153; 51.92 bbl. or 84.11 cwt. per acre.  The low of 723; 36.3 bbl. or 58.8 cwt., 753; 35.0 bbl. or 56.69 cwt. per acre, and Presidio; 35.68 bbl. or 57.8 cwt. per acre.  The low yields are very disturbing not only from a financial standpoint, also there is not a common denominator to why they did not perform.  The low yields are well below the respective producers’ historical yields.  The average yield for our completed lots is 42.09 bbl. or 68.19 cwt. per acre.  That is 650 lbs. per acre less than last year’s final average.  Hopefully, the yields will pick up.

On the positive side, quality is running better than normal.  We probe and grade each truck as they come in.  Peck (insect damage) is low, as well as field damage, and estimated milling yields are fine.  Moistures are ranging from the low 14s to 21.  

The reports out of Louisiana are improving.  The producers have harvested most of the rice that was damaged by the rains during the blooming stage.  Their harvest is a little ahead of ours.  Arkansas started draining their early fields and expect to start harvesting next week.  The weather has straightened out.  Night time temperatures in some parts of the state will drop into the sixties, don’t be jealous.  The rice crop condition is reportedly improving.

The corn and milo harvest is winding down.  There are reports of dry land corn yields of 170 to 180 bushels to the acre and irrigated into the low 200s.  On the low side, there are reports of 60 bushel to the acre.  Milo yields range from mid-4,000 lbs. to the high 8,000 lbs.  Remember you do not want to be the first to announce your yields.  The early soybeans are starting to be harvested, but no reports of the yields and quality.  

Thank you for your patronage and support.  

Remember to hug your loved ones and friends whenever you have the opportunity.  We are here for a short period of time.  Problems of today will be history tomorrow.

Have a safe, bountiful, and prosperous 2017 rice harvest.

Bobby Little   

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