6 Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Tractor

While most tractors are hardy and can handle a wide variety of weather, it’s important to keep tabs on several key components of your machinery. This is essential to maximize its performance throughout the year and especially during the winter months.

1. Keep close watch of your tire pressure: We realize you already check your tires, but, during the colder months, you’ll want to check more often. If the tire pressure gets low due to colder temperatures, it could slip off the bead and you’d have a real problem. Generally this happens when you need the tractor so it’s a good idea to actively keep track of your tractor’s tire pressure.

2. Treat your fuel: Cold temperatures can cause diesel fuel to gel. There are plenty of fuel additives out there that can prevent this from happening. Give us a call, and we can recommend some.

3. Check the battery: There’s nothing worse than trying to use your tractor during the winter and hearing the dreaded click of a dead battery. Make sure your battery is hanging in there before it gets colder out.

4. Keep the air filter clean: If the weather has been specifically dry in your area, you’ll need to double check your air filter. A clogged or dirty air filter can keep your tractor from circulating air properly and bog it down when you need it most.

5. Replace the fuel filter: Fuel filters sometimes collect water over time. Best practices dictate you start with a fresh fuel filter to get the water out before it gets cold enough that it might freeze.

6. Check the anti freeze: Make sure the anti freeze is good down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Older tractors especially have an issue with the radiator blowing up if your anti freeze freezes which can not only be inconvenient but expensive. Newer tractors can succumb to similar issues so it’s a good idea just to keep up with anti freeze.

We hope these tips help you prepare your tractor for winter, we’re here to help if you run into any problems – even farm calls.

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