Automotive Technician or Mechanic: What Do Today’s Vehicles Require?

In a world that is becoming increasingly high-tech, cars are becoming increasingly high-tech as well. Thus, while the words “automotive technician” and “automotive mechanic” may seem interchangeable, they actually have quite different meanings that make a huge difference in how your car is serviced and maintained. So, which does your vehicle need, an automotive technician or mechanic?

Automotive Technician or Mechanic: What’s the Difference?

An automotive technician is someone who is trained to diagnose and repair not just the mechanics of your vehicle but its technology components as well, from automated warning and monitoring systems to rear camera technology to all the other “smart” parts of your car. The term “mechanic,” on the other hand, comes from an older generation of car repair specialists who were trained before the era of high-tech vehicles and internal computer systems.

A mechanic is a person who is skilled in changing parts on vehicles and providing vehicle maintenance. Many people who continue to refer to themselves as mechanics are self-taught or work mainly on vehicles that are pre-2000 models. Of course, all automotive technicians are also mechanics, but not all mechanics are automotive technicians. Mechanics can be very good at repairing cars, but they may not know how to work on the computer systems that affect your car’s performance and operation.

Taking all of the points into considerations is vital when choosing whether you need an automotive technician or mechanic.

automotive technician running computerized vehicle diagnostics
An automotive technician runs vehicle diagnostics, not something any auto mechanic can do.

Why Choose an Automotive Technician?

If you purchased your car after 2000, it is likely to contain a number of computer-driven systems and components. With each passing year, more computer technologies are built and integrated into cars to help them run intelligently and efficiently. While any mechanic can replace brakes or other components, not every mechanic will be able to service the computer systems that keep your car running and maintain them in good working order. This is why you’ll want to choose an automotive technician to work on your vehicle. Mr. Tire Auto Service center has expert technicians certified by ASE, so when you are looking for an automotive technician, Mr. Tire Auto Service is always a convenient and technologically skilled choice. Your car is from the high-tech generation, so your automotive technician should be too.

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