Rice Farming Update

Iraq Purchases 30,000 metric tons of U.S. Rice Rice Farming Update

The big news this week comes from Iraq.  Iraq has purchased 30,000 metric tons of U. S. milled long grain rice.  The order was sold by ADM for July 2017 delivery.  This is the first U. S. rice purchased by Iraq in sixteen months.  If my math is correct that equates to approximately 920,000 cwt. of rough rice or 12,200 acres based on our average dry yield for first crop in 2016.  This is good news and a good start to the 2017 crop year.  Just received a call from Rusty Bergstrom, Rice Marketing Association, Riviana Foods has an offer for early delivered 2017 crop at $4.25 per cwt.  The price is for all varieties.  Call your sales agent.

The rice in the area is progressing pretty much as normal.  There are still some reports of armyworms in the pre-flood rice.  Sheath blight is starting to show up in the early flooded rice.  The earliest planted rice is starting to head.  The youngest conventional rice is emerging.  Compare that to last year when the late rice was planted after July 4th.  The coop expects to receive its first rice around July 20th.

On June 7, 1991, fuel prices were the following;

Unleaded           $1.109  compared to $2.20

Mid Grade         $1.139  compared to $2.30

Hwy Diesel       $1.029  compared to $2.24

Farm Diesel       $0.63  compared to $1.76


Urea (46%)      $198.00 compared to $289.36

1991 Chevy ¾ ton Extended Cab Standard Transmission; $16,500.00 drive out

Average tire repair for 15 or 16 inch tire; $6.00 vs. $15.00

How times have changed!

On a more serious note, most of you probably have heard about Clay Bruton,  19 year old son of Paul and Patricia Bruton (Tradewind Ag) being involved in a crop duster accident on Sunday, May 28.  He suffered serious injuries and is in a Houston hospital.  Clayton has a long recovery ahead of him.  Please keep Clayton, and his family in your prayers. If you are moved to give to Clayton’s Medical Expense Fund via GoFundMe, please do.

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