preparing your vehicle for summer driving

Preparing Your Vehicle For Summer Driving

It seems like winter is finally going to leave the U.S. alone.  Now that the weather is turning more pleasant, you may very well be hitting the road a lot more, and that means you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is, and stays, up to the task.  Check out some tips on vehicle maintenance for your summer driving excursions.

1. AC

Probably the most obvious…Summer means the hottest weather of the year, and a vehicle can turn into a little greenhouse when left baking under the sun.  Running the AC for a couple minutes at least a few times a week, whether you need to now or not, helps keep the “works from gumming up.”  You’ll also want to make sure the levels of actual refrigerant are sufficient for proper function.  Stay cool!

2.  Coolant levels

After keeping yourself cool, the next thought on your mind is probably keeping your vehicle’s parts cool.  Engines get hot…throw in a hot environment and this further increases the risk for OVERheating.  This can be even further compounded when traveling long distances at high speeds or up hills.  Make sure your engine coolant levels are sufficient before your summer driving, especially before long trips.

3. Tires

Different jobs call for different tools.  If you’re planning on doing lots of highway traveling, look at getting tires meant for the pavement. If you’re going to spend time on the Texas beaches with your truck or SUV, you might want to look into getting tires good for all terrain.  Different construction and tread patterns can make a world of difference when it comes to traction and tire life, if used in the proper situations.

4. Battery

This winter was a cold one, and your battery may very well have done some work.  While normal use of the car charges the battery, like anything else, it’s got a life on it, and heavy use shortens that life.  Anything at all powered by electricity (basically everything that makes modern cars able to function) relies on a functioning battery, so make absolutely sure yours is before your summer driving!

If you have any questions about the maintenance of your vehicle or need a free quote on new tires, contact us today!

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